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Riding with a VeloGuide makes cycling in unfamiliar places safer, easier and far more interesting. It is a terrific opportunity to connect with someone who is eager to share their favorite routes and local knowledge.

Becoming a VeloGuide opens up a world of opportunities.

Like most cyclists, you may have several extra bikes hanging up in the garage. Sign up as a VeloGuide - earn money by sharing your bikes and your time as a VeloGuide with fellow riders.

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Gideon - Cape Town VeloGuide

I am a keen cyclist and have been since 2001 and do both road and MTB. I am a qualified tour guide and have a passion in sharing the awesome cycling options and the culture of the Cape Winelands with you.

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VeloGuide makes it easy! Browse through our growing list of professional and Olympic athletes and retired pros — like VeloGuide co-founder George Hincapie — and book a ride with your favorite VeloGuide Pro today!

Megan Hottman
Burke Swindlehurst
Nate King
Michelle DeGraff
Bobby Julich
Mara Abbott
Phil Gaimon
Christian Vande Velde
Matthew Busche
Barbara Guarischi
George Hincapie
Freddy Ovett
Chris Butler
Anna Barrero
Alister Ratcliff
Chloe Hosking
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Introducing the VeloGuide Mobile App

Introducing the VeloGuide Mobile app for android and iOS. Download the app and browse through our growing list of recreational cyclists and active retired pro-cyclists and book a ride with your favorite VeloGuide today! read more

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“I was the first customer for VeloGuide and was impressed! Next business trip, book VeloGuide first and hotel next!”

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“VeloGuide is about to spark a revolution with VeloGuide Pro. I just rode with my hero George Hincapie!”

Joel Goralski | Founder

“I was so impressed with the concept and the service that I asked to become an early investor in the company.”

Paul DeVries