FAQ - Listing a Bike on VeloGuide

Does it cost me anything to list a bike?

No, listing bikes is completely free! VeloGuide only gets paid when you do. When you approve a request and the Renter pays for the reservation, we retain a commission on the rental amount. Commission rates start at 25%. Bike shops and tour companies are eligible for discounted rates, please email us to discuss options.

What if I can only rent a bike out on certain days?

No problem! We have an availability calendar where you can mark off the times your bike is unavailable. If your bike is listed as available, Renters can request and contact you whenever they want to reserve your bike. If a rental request does not work for you, you can always decline a request without penalty.

If you are going to be away on vacation or you know a bike will be unavailable for rent, you can always temporarily “unlist” a bike - just don’t forget to re-list it when you’re ready to rent again!

What if someone gets injured or their property is damaged while renting my bike?

Before confirming any reservation, the Renter has to agree to and sign our VeloGuide Rental Agreement. This agreement offers you protection against injury to the Renter or damage to his property - as the Bike Lister, you are never responsible if the Renter gets injured while riding your bike.

Who is responsible for damages to my bike during the rental period?

Once again, all damage to your bike is the responsibility of the Renter during the rental period. As an example, if your bike gets a flat tire during the rental, it is the Renter’s responsibility to repair the flat or pay for a replacement. Many rentals come with a flat tire kit, and although this is completely up to you to include, is a great add-on to a bike rental.

If the Renter doesn’t communicate, respond, or honor their legal obligations, then VeloGuide will step in to make sure you are properly reimbursed. VeloGuide covers all bikes up to $5,000 USD. Your bike will be protected against theft AND damage, so it's completely safe to rent it out. Please review our VeloGuide Guarantee for information before listing a bike.

If your bike is damaged by a Renter, please fill out this form to start a claim. We cannot accept any claims that are reported after 24 hours from the end of the bike rental period. If you have any further questions please email us at [email protected]

What if my bike is stolen during a rental period?

If your bike is stolen or the guest does not return it promptly following the rental period, please contact us [email protected] and fill out this form to start a claim. We cannot accept any claims that are reported after 24 hours from the end of the rental period.
The bike will be replaced or you will be reimbursed as soon as we review your claim. We are committed to keeping fully protected, comfortable, and satisfied Bike Listers and we'll always do our best to help you out in whatever way possible.

Can I list multiple bike sizes in one listing?

You bet! If you have multiple sizes available in the exact same bike (same model, year, component set) you can list each frame size available (with optional rider height) under one title and description. This makes it easy for a bike shop to list multiple bikes quickly and conveniently, keeping your profile page clean and easy to navigate. If you would like to let Renters know that your bike is adjustable in size, you can say so in the bike’s description.

Can I accept cash for a Bike Rental?

No, you cannot accept cash from a Renter for VeloGuide bike rentals. We require that all payments be made via credit card through our website since this gives us a valid form of verification. Your bike will not be covered under the VeloGuide Guarantee if the transaction does not happen through our website or mobile app.

Why was my bike unlisted?

One of our goals is to create a trustworthy, safe, and convenient marketplace for Bike Listers and Renters to rent bikes. VeloGuide may unlist a bike after three reservation requests have come and gone without a login or response from the Bike Lister. This is to prevent users from listing bikes and forgetting to respond to requests. Bike Listers who don't reply hurt not only VeloGuide, but Renters as well, because it takes away from their ability to book tour experiences. You may notice your response rate dropping if you do not respond to requests, and this may hurt your credibility on VeloGuide and result in fewer bike rental requests. If your bike happened to be unlisted and you would like to rent it out again, simply log in and relist your bike on the bike's profile page.

Can I list bikes for sale on VeloGuide?

No, we don’t allow sales on VeloGuide. If you’d like to list a bike as a “demo” versus a “rental”, you can add content to the bike description indicating this.

What if I have add-ons I’d like to include with a bike rental?

If you have specific add-ons you’d like to include in your bike rental, simply click the specific button when listing a bike. These items will be included in the listed price so please have them ready for a Renter should they request your bike.

As a Bike Shop, should you want to charge for certain accessories like a bike rack, panniers, or a helmet, we have the ability to add these items through our Admin portal. Each Renter renting a bike through your shop will then have the ability to select these items to include with their bike rental and can pay for them at checkout. Please email us at [email protected] and we will be able to assist you in adding any optional accessories to your Bike Shop Profile.

If you have any feedback or further questions regarding listing a bike for rent on VeloGuide, please email us at [email protected] and we would be glad to answer you questions the best we can!