Tour and Bike Rental Cancellation Policy for Guests

A VeloGuide Tour or Bike Rental is fully refundable if you cancel within 24 hours of booking it. You’re also eligible for a full refund if you cancel more than 30 days before the Tour or Bike Rental is scheduled to start.

If upon delivery of the Bike or, within the first twenty-four (24) hours of the Bike Rental Period, the Renter reasonably determines that the Bike does not materially conform to the Bike Lister’s description of the Bike, then the Renter may notify VeloGuide of the problems and request a refund. Further, if the Bike Lister does not deliver the Bike at the place and time agreed, then the Renter shall be entitled to a full refund (including VeloGuide fees).

If a Bike Rental must be canceled during the Bike Rental Period due to a mechanical failure, the Renter will be eligible for a full refund, if the cancellation takes place on the first day of the Rental Period. Otherwise, any refunds shall be calculated on a pro rata basis based on the number of days elapsed compared to the total number of days in the Bike Rental Period.

Tour Cancellation Policy for Guides

As a VeloGuide, we understand there may be instances where you need to cancel a booked Tour. To cancel a booked VeloGuide Tour, please email VeloGuide Admin at [email protected] as soon as possible and we will assist you. You should also discuss the need to cancel with the Guest through our website message board. You may be able to work out an alternate time or date for the tour booking.

Re-booking on a different date or time

If you arrange an alternative time that you both agree to, have the Guest propose the new time within the Tour booking page and continue with the booking process. Contact us if any issues arise, we’ll verify that your Guest has agreed, and remove any penalty that may have been applied.

Cancellations can have serious implications on a guest’s travel plans, therefore there are penalties that may be applied for a Guide’s cancellation of a booked tour.

Frequent cancellations, or no-shows, are a violation of our Terms of Use and may result in removal or temporary disabling of the Guide Profile on VeloGuide.

Bike Rental Cancellation Policy for Bike Listers

Cancellations can have serious impacts on a Renter’s plans, therefore there are penalties that may be applied for a Bike Lister’s cancellation of a booked Bike Rental.

We do understand that issues arise that are outside of your control. Please review the cancellation policies below, and email [email protected] if you feel you have a valid reason for not fulfilling the Bike Rental Agreement.

Peer-to-peer Reviews

All parties should be aware that Guides, Guests, Renters, and Bike Listers are entitled to post reviews on the Site with respect to cancelled Rentals or Tours.

Weather Cancellations

If weather creates a safety concern or an unsafe environment, either before or during the VeloGuide Tour, the Guide may cancel the tour without penalty. The Guest will be fully refunded, if this happens.

Natural disasters that prevent the Guest from traveling to or from a destination will result in a full refund for a Guest.

Examples include:
Severe storms
Blizzards or severe winter storms
Endemic disease or illness that suddenly affects a region or an entire group of people. This doesn’t include existing diseases that are associated with an area.

We may reach out for documentation to verify weather-related claims.

Cancellations due to an emergency or safety issue

We understand that emergencies happen. No penalties will be applied for valid cancellations  with documented reasons, or for cancellations made for valid safety reasons. We may ask you to provide documentation for a cancellation due to an emergency.

Cancellations due to extenuating circumstances

If you need to cancel a VeloGuide Tour or Bike Rental because of an unexpected circumstance that’s out of your control, we might be able to give you a refund or waive any penalties for canceling. Before you cancel, please check that your circumstance is included in the list below and that you have the required documents.

Circumstances that require documentation

Death of a Guide, Guest, or an immediate family member. You’ll be asked to provide one of these documents:
Death certificate
News article naming the deceased

Serious illness of a Guide, Guest, or any member of the traveling party. You’ll be asked to provide a general statement from a physician confirming that the person can’t travel, safely guide the VeloGuide Tour, or be present to complete the Bike Rental. The statement must be dated after the Tour or Bike Rental was booked.

Government-mandated obligations including jury duty, travel restrictions, court appearances, and military deployment. You’ll be asked to provide a copy of the official notice dated after the Tour or Bike Rental was booked, including the name of the person fulfilling the obligation.

Airport and road closures that make it impossible to travel to your destination. This includes closures caused by natural disasters like earthquakes or severe storms. You’ll be asked to provide a notice of the road closure, or notice of the airport closure and proof that the flight was canceled.

Circumstances that require VeloGuide review

There’s no required documentation for these circumstances, but our Admin Team at VeloGuide will review each case to confirm that you’re directly affected.

Severe security advisories for political or civil unrest in the area that the guest is traveling from, traveling to, or that the booked VeloGuide Tour or Bike Rental is located in. Examples include:


Heightened military presence
Severe damage to the area’s infrastructure
Changes to visa or passport requirements that make it impossible to travel to the destination. This doesn’t include lost or expired travel documents.

Next Steps

If you’ve confirmed your circumstance meets the requirements above, first cancel your VeloGuide Tour or Bike Rental and then contact us to file a claim. We’ll walk you through the process, which will include submitting any required documentation and waiting for our team to review your case. Claims must be submitted within 14 days of the unexpected circumstance.

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