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With the mobile app you can:

• Sign up for a free account. 

• Sign up as a VeloGuide Business Hub

• Log in with email or by using your existing Strava or Facebook accounts

• Apply to become a VeloGuide from the app

• VeloGuides can connect to a local VeloGuide Hub

• Hubs can connect to local VeloGuides

• Find local VeloGuides and cycling tours with the search tool; search by destination, by country, or search by a guide’s name

• From the Explore tab, browse through our list of featured destinations, tours, VeloGuide Pros and VeloGuides to find a local VeloGuide and bike tour results

• On a VeloGuide details page, see the VeloGuide's map location, read about the local VeloGuide, see reviews, tour listings, tour details and inquire about booking a tour

• Direct message VeloGuides using the message button on VeloGuide details pages and tour details pages 

• Instant book tours on tours with dates available

• Direct message VeloGuides for your custom booking requests 

• From the Explore tab, use our concierge booking service to help you finalize your reservations

• Save your favorite destinations, tours and guides, and view on the 'Saved' page for future bookings

• Edit your user and hub profile in the app

• View your own tours and bikes

• Guides and Hubs can create tour listings

• Guides and Hubs can list bikes 

• Hubs can add photos to profile

• Reset profile photo and password  

• Users can block messages from other users

• Users can report abusive messages to the VeloGuide admins

• Users can switch from traveler to VeloGuide from the Profile page

• Added EULA page, accessible during sign-up and after logging-in (sidebar menu) From the Explore tab, browse through recent blog posts

• From the Explore tab, browse through recent blog posts

• View your own bookings and bike rentals