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I was the first customer for VeloGuide and was impressed! Next business trip, book VeloGuide first and hotel next!
Tom Valentine

VeloGuide is about to spark a revolution with VeloGuide Pro. I just rode with my hero George Hincapie!
Joel Goralski | Founder

I was so impressed with the concept and the service that I that I asked to become an early investor in the company
Paul DeVries

Becoming a VeloGuide opens up a world of opportunities.

Like most cyclists, you may have several extra bikes hanging up in the garage. VeloGuide Guests can apply to become VeloGuides - Earn money by sharing your bikes and your time as a VeloGuide with fellow riders.

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Wouldn't it be cool if you could ride with a pro?

More and more professional and Olympic athletes are getting set to start hosting as guides with VeloGuide and our list is growing every day!