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Built with the sweat of an elite bike racer, Austin native cyclist Allison Atkinson is Wattage Cottage. What began as a nickname meaning Power House Wattage Cottage is more than a person or lifestyle brand, it's a revolution. Wattage Cottage launched its online store in November of 2017 with cycling socks. Popularity quickly spread into realms of triathlon, running and weightlifting with new designs every month. Frustrated by the lack of accessibility, positivety and diversity in popular cycling Instagram feeds WC launched the Wattage Brigade a group of 15 sponsored endurance athletes who act as social media influencers for the brand. In April due to the overwhelming amount of Brigade applicants WC decided to open up club membership worldwide complete with new kits, big sponsors and real hype. The goal is to make cycling mainstream in America and motivate people of all ages, genders and colors to race, ride or run. Cycling helped me discover the best version of myself and I want that to be an option for more people.

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5 out of 5 stars
Joel L - June 18, 2018

People cycle for many reasons! Some people like the social aspect, others train for races or PR's, some like to suffer, and a select few do it as an art form. For each unique person each pedal stroke, revolution, and gear shift is predicated on a single factor of those above, but for Allison, it's a conglomerate! I took Allison's suggestion and dropped in early (pre-ride) at Red Horn Coffee House & Brewing Co for a single shot of espresso. She had mentioned their coffee was 'great,' but I would have to disagree-- it was ridiculously amazing! Fruity, acidic and full of body. The route was well planned, and the pace was friendly and casual. Confession. I cycle where it's mostly flat, the Rio Grande Valley, so what native Austinites consider 'everyday' terrain can be challenging. So I saved my breath for the hills and had to apologize for being a bit short on the conversation. The (tour) ride was, of course, filled with long rolling hills, lush green scenery and plenty of local insider tidbits. Would you expect anything less? The ride unfolded in three parts; 1) a spin down a main artery freeway with a dedicated bike path, 2) some miles through the countryside, 3) and a return through fast rolling tree covered trails back to Red Horn. I highly you book Allison whether you're a local and especially if you're coming from out of town! You won't be disappointed and don't expect anything less than the best.

5 out of 5 stars
Joel G - April 30, 2018

Who would have thought the burbs outside of hipster Austin could be soooo cool! Met with Alison at Red Horn for coffee and then we set out on a super fun ride along quiet roads. Includes some short hard climbs and a picturesque lake at the turn. We finished with a delicious lunch and beer at Red Horn where they have more than 30 local beers on tap and a great selection of delicious fresh sandwiches and salads. I can't wait to get back! If you are staying in Austin, don't worry, Cedar Park is a 20 minute train or easy Uber ride.

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Austin has some of the most beautiful scenery in all of Texas. From the green fields and cool water of Zilker Park to the scenic over looks and breath taking views of Lake Austin. Austin has something for everybody. Lastly, lets not forget about all the great food this town has to offer, From BBQ, Tex-Mex and award winning restaurants Austin has you covered.

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