Meet Steve

Mississauga, Canada

There is nothing quite like riding your bike on a quiet country road or climbing a pass in the Rockies. It's that youthful freedom that I experience everytime I ride my bike. Whether I am exploring a new route or training on a familier back country road; nothing can compare to the simple thrill of pedalling. I have competed in road and mountain bike events for many years; now I love to get out for a few hours and ride with friends and enjoy a mid ride coffee.

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My Favorite Ride

While living very close to Toronto there are many options for different types of riding. There are many trails and paths within the city which are fun to explore and can take you right down town and through some older neighbourhoods. Then there are the quieter country roads north west of the city that provide more elevation as you climb up the Niagara escarpement. These are my favorite rides with endless oportunities to explore the little hamlets and villages, take in a mid ride coffee and then head home. 

More ABout Steve

I started riding at a very young age exploring the quiet Ottawa neighbourhood that I grew up in.  At age 15 I started racing at the jr. level.  Returning to racing in my early twenties I competed in both Canada and the US but remained in the amature ranks.  In 2000 I retired from demands of racing to spend time with my growing young family until 2012. While moving to Vancouver in 2012 my passion for riding grew as the geography and climate provided exceptional riding opportunities. I logged about 50,000km exploring the west coast including a 21 day trip of a lifetime from Vancouver to Mexico through the Cascades and Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Now back in Southern Ontario I find myself gravitating towards the hillier terrain for it's physical challenges as much as for the views at the top. 

I enjoy the sport and culture of riding and love to explore different places around the world on a bike. In the future I look forward to riding  more in Europe and other places in the US.

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