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Meet Trevor

Midway, United States of America

Mid 20's Cat 1 Road Racer for Hangar 15 Bicycles Elite,  living in Midway, Utah.  I've lived in Midway my whole life and I grew up skiing, mountain biking, road riding, and generally being outside in the mountains all the time. I have a real job too. I'm an Ecommerce Manager for Armada Skis, a freestyle ski brand owned by Amer Sports.

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My Favorite Ride

We call it "The Grind."

It winds it's way up the East side of the valley through the aspen trees and past the reservoir. Eventually, after ramp after ramp of increasing grade, you're in the pine trees. Where's the top? There's' not one. Well,  at least there's not if you stop where the pavement ends....

More ABout Trevor

To me, Midway, Utah is the best place on Earth. It's beautiful. We have all 4 seasons and none of them are too harsh, though we will get some pretty heavy snow years! It's a wonderful family, outdoor, and vacation destination community, with a growing cycling community as well. There are long meandering climbs, rolling hills, quiet country roads, and a mas network of gravel road and single track. Nothing is ever flat, but there's terrain and routes available for any type of rider. I recently bought a home here, where I live near my family and can commute to work in Park City. We're starting to see a lot more great restaurants and business opening up in Town. We even got a stop light last summer! Can't believe how much this place has grown over the years. I love sharing my passion for the valley, with visitors.

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Road, MTB