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Meet Spencer

Cave Creek, United States of America

Hi! I'm Spencer!

I am an avid cyclist who splits his time between Cave Creek, and Tucson, Arizona. Cycling turned my life into one worth living. In 5 short years I turned my life around and now race on a professinal level! At a young 19, I am so happy to have found the sport of cycling and had grown up in such a cycling rich community. Cycling turned my life into one worth living, and I hope that everyone feels the power a bike can make. 

My goal is to share the hidden gems of Cave Creek both off and on the road with you!

Feel free to ask me any questions about the Cave Creek/ Tucson area, and even if you do not choose me as your guide, I will be happy to send you some routes! Have a good ride :)

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My Favorite Ride

My favorite ride in the Cave Creek Regional Trail System is quite special to me. It is the first loop I did when I began riding mountain bikes, and it is still one of my favorite to do "race practice" laps on today. It is such a well balanced loop with smooth, bumpy climbs to full-sending decents! Best of all, it serves as the backbone to all expanding trails in Cave Creek!  It has about 700 feet of elevation gain, but the sheer gnarly-ness of it makes it all worth it.

Let me tell you about it! 

The trail begins on flowly single track located off of Cloud and 52nd St. There you first start to see the small oasis the actual creek of Cave Creek makes in the desert. You hit a fast roller down which drops you into a small creek crossing, and sometimes if you are lucky enough, you get to feel the cold water hit your legs as you build momentum for the creek exit. Once out of the creek, you begin the first climb of the ride, Slate Trail. The mix of sharp, jagged slate rock keeps any rider on their toes. This climb continues with some pretty steep and technincal pitches, leading you into another beast. This beast is different, its 400 feet of veritcal climbing in less than 1.5 miles, and for some reason, it never gets easier. This beast is Quartz trail, named after the white finish of the ground your tires crunch. As you go up, you can start to see the mountain range form around you. Towards the top, you are greated by a brief downhill until you stumble upon Go John Trail (South). You rip around the well banked corner and hit a small punch of a climb like a roller coaster getting to its apex....until it is all downhill. You begin to fly, going 25-35 miles per hour, hopping over waterbars exposed in the trail, and diving through corners with a huge smile on your face. At the bottom you rip down another dual slalom like trail code named "Jasper".  After the dust settles, you find yourself back on Slate trail, the one you first began climbing on, but this time, you are filled with chunky and gnarly rocks instead of the climbing! Again, you see the oasis of the creek approaching. You pass through the Creek and say, "Damn, I want to do it again," and turn around and follow your heart.


More ABout Spencer

I am also currently a Freshman at the University of Arizona studying engineering and have began to learn all that Tucson has to offer (and let me tell you it is alot!)

Tucson trails are awesome and I could show you around there too!

The 2019 Season will be my first year as a professional with Arizona Devo 

I also love riding road bikes and will be more than happy to show anyone around both Cave Creek and Tucson!

I love meeting people from all walks of life that share the passion of cycling!