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Meet Gilberto

San Diego, United States of America

My name is Gilberto Cortez, I am a mountain bike racer from San Diego, California. I race regularly cross country (XC) mountain bike or endurance races. I was 2017 Pro Endurance California Series Champion as well as Cat 1 XC California Series Champion. I love to ride whenever I can, so it is good that I work as a licensed California contractor which allows me to have a very flexible schedule.

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My Favorite Ride

Lyons Valley Route 

Start at Spring Valley and ride to a small store in Lyons Valley. It usually takes 3 hours at a moderate pace, with around 4k feet of climbing and ~45 miles. It is a great ride to enjoy the scenery and to ride away from traffic for a little bit while still being close to the city.

More ABout Gilberto

There are many places to ride both on and off the road in San Diego county. I normally stay in the south / east side of the county as it offer an endless range of trails and road to ride in. This trails and roads are used by professional teams and sometimes even by the USA Cycling team to train. You can climb over 10k feet if you are feeling like it in one day. If you are looking for something more relaxing a leisure ride around San Diego Bay or in Coronado will work great.

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Road, MTB, Food & Fun, Other
Road, MTB, Food & Fun, Other
Road, MTB, Food & Fun, Other
Road, MTB, Food & Fun, Other
Road, MTB, Food & Fun, Other
Road, MTB, Food & Fun, Other
Road, MTB, Food & Fun, Other