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Meet Dylan

North Wales, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

A Team Wiggins and Team Wales rider. Ex mountain biker turned roadie. Riding bikes all my life, all over north Wales with a vast knowledge of the local area and road and trails.

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My Favorite Ride

My favourite ride is one where you head out onto small lanes in the middle of seemingly nowhere and don’t meet a person or a car for miles. A climb like the Mignant is usually a great example of this. 

The beauty of North wales is your never far from the sea, so after feeling like your in the middle of nowhere you can be riding along the coast in just a few miles, the best of both worlds! 

More ABout Dylan

I’ve been multiple Welsh Champion in road, mountain bike and CX, all disciplines that no surprise perfect training for in north Wales. Any of these disciplines I can guide in and have extensive knowledge of the area. 

I have also been a part of the British Cycling programmes since I was 16, I was focused on mountain biking back then but have expanded my horizons in the years since. 

I have ridden multiple World Cups and World Championships, European Championships and British Championship but have never forgotten the local racing scene and try and get back to it whenever I can! 

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