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Santa Barbara, United States of America

I am twenty-seven years old, born and raised in Santa Barbara. I grew up racing motocross and after a good but short career, I switched to cycling. I have been racing for three seasons, two of which have been at the Cat 1/pro level. I am a private contractor with CTS (Carmichael Training Systems) as well as working at a cutting edge sports performance gym called "The Lab." I am currently finishing up my associates degree in Kinesiology and love being able to apply my knowledge directly into my passion for bikes. I love riding my bike, Whether it is slow and long, or short and intense.

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My Favorite Ride

Starting from the ocean, take just about any route to the base of gibraltar road. Gibraltar was featured in two editions of Tour of Califoria . 8-9 miles to Lecumbre peak, then following the mountain ridge over looking the ocean on one side and the mountain ranges on the other. Making the way over to painted cave road, a twisty and technical descent that is more enjoyable to take at a smooth pace. Making the way down to sea level, then traveling over to a small, hilly community called Hope Ranch. Through these twisty, well maintained roads that pass beautiful houses and raches plots and heading back towards the ocean. Roughly a forty mile loop with fifty-five hundred feet of climing, it is truely on of the best Santa Barbara rides.

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Santa Barbara is nestled into a mountain range with the ocean right at our feet. We have long, flat-ish coast miles going both north and south. The real fun begins when you point your wheel towards the hills. We have 3 world class HC (high category) climbs all within a thirty mile radius and countless hills to cover in between. The foothills are the hidden gem in Santa Barbara. We have seemingly endless roads and connections to make snake looking Strava routes that take you up classic like pitches, or roller coaster flowing lines that never get old. Santa Barbara has our old mission, the tenth of twenty-one missions built by the Spanish Franciscans, which is a must see. We have old Indian cave paintings up "painted cave road" that are a difficult to find yet a great attraction. Stage coach road, located on the backside of the front range of the mountains has an old Tavern, used and stopped at by troops in the Mexican-American war in 1846. This location now has food, drinks, and live music while keeping the old, rustic look of the original tavern. Downtown Santa Barbara has an unmistaken Spanish heritage with a happening and moving community that holds endless eateries and specialty coffee shops. Santa Barbara is truly a top-notch cycling destination that will not disappoint.

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Road, Gravel, Food & Fun, Other
Road, Gravel, Food & Fun, Other
Road, Gravel, Food & Fun, Other
Road, Gravel, Food & Fun, Other