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Bucerías, United Mexican States

What does cycling mean to me?

Ever since I can remember a bike has been close to my side.  Growing up in Calgary, Alberta Fish Creek Provincial Park was my backyard. It’s where I really learned to ride. Risky descents, river crossings, steep climbs and big miles is a lot of what shaped the kid I was then into the man I am today. Everything about it was challenging, fun and I loved it.   My bikes were my vehicle to freedom. I learned patience and commitment on the long iron man training days. It taught me discipline and quick thinking through my years pulling wrenches to pay for the next adventure. I learned to trust my direction and intuition cycling through the passes of the Dolomite Mountains, the busy streets of Berlin, and the winding Okanagan Valley back roads. I love the reward of going as fast, being in a time for the true surrender to joy.  I am grateful for the years racing, coaching, and guiding, because it’s where some of the best and most meaningful relationships in my life have blossomed from.

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My Favorite Ride

A lot of the best moments in my life were spent on the seat of a bicycle. I’m fortunate to note some cool and historic miles in some of the most awestruck locales but it’s today where my new passion is to just explore via road and mountain slowly pioneering some of Mexico’s most beautiful, challenging terrain. The best part is coming home along a three mile beach, palm trees blowing soaking up the vibes of the healing of the Bahia de Banderas. For me it’s not the always the ride, but where it brought me to...

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What led you to become a Veloguide?

I want to be able to be a part of someone’s authentic life experience. I want to be able to bring new experiences into my life through guiding and shaping your travel/training vacation experiences.  I love that it allows me and my family to live a creative lifestyle, and build our unique life in a beautiful, warm and amazing place.  Whether it’s support during quiet training miles, or leading a scenic rewarding ride meant to be the icing on the cake of a dream vacation,  I love being able to share in a piece of it.

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