Meet Jaime

San Gil, Republic of Colombia

Hello everyone! My name is  Jaime and i love bicycles.  I am a professional tour guide in Colombia, and an instructor in adventure sports. I live in beautiful San Gil, Santander, which has many different cycling routes for all abilities. The locals are very friendly and all travellers will always be welcome in my town. I'd love to show you around, lets get out riding!

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My Favorite Ride

Definitly I love ride in my bike, I have many routes in my town and ride for any place, whem i have time is possible to practice longer routes meaby 110 or 120 kilometers only in mountain bike, or medium routes meaby 60 or 70 k, or meaby short routes, 25 until 45 k.
If you want to be a really good experience in your bike you need to come here.

More ABout Jaime

whem I do not ride in my bike, I am practicing adventure activities meaby rafting, rapel, caving or hike.

On the other hand I want to tell you that the gastronomy is incredible, the great variety of dishes gives many options for you to enjoy even during adventure activities or during bicycle routes.
Come here enjoy and remenber that you are welcome for ever.


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