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Mallorca, Kingdom of Spain

All forms of cycling have been my passion since the late 1990s.  It began with  mountain biking in Ontario Canada with my neighbours.  It escalated to endurance mountain bike races with my neighbourhood buddies.  And then "I had to get a road bike to become a fitter mountain biker."  I became addicted to riding and racing everywhere in the world, which culminated in being the 2005 Canadian National Road Champion in the 40-49 age category.  All my senses became alert for the first time in my life in my early 40s.  It was as if the blindfold was finally removed and I was given a pair of wings to discover the world.  Twenty years later, the road, mountain, TT, cyclocross & track bikes that I own in Mallorca Spain and Canada, have been the vehicles I use to guide my life.   All those disciplines have enriched me as a person and made me a better cyclist regardless of the conditions.   I will ride in the rain, sleet, mud and snow all year round.  If you are game, I am game.  I have now completed three Full Ironmans, the latest in Mallorca in 2016,  two Trans Rockies 7-day Stage Races on  mountain bikes,  the 70.3 World Championships in Mount Tremblant in 2015 and this year I will be competing in the Dolomites Haute Route 7- Day Road Stage race in September.   So whatever your passion and discipline, let me show you where I ride at my home bases in Mallorca or Canada. 

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My Favorite Ride

I have so many favorite rides in Mallorca, I can't begin to name one.  In Mallorca, like music, there is a melody and a route for every human emotion. Feeling fiesty in Mallorca?  I turn right out of my drive way and head to Es Capdella - a four Kilometer decent.  I whip through the village and turn left toward the 5 km climb to Galilea, descend 5 kms to Puigpunyemt.   Then I meander up to another col just above Esporeles and down 4 km to that village for a Cafe Con Leche and Ensaimada pastry.   Next I will head back up the mountain range to the spine of the Traumuntanna range and descend down to Banalbufar on the coast with all of its spectacular vistas.   The coast road back to the Andratx valley is the funnest, fastest, most exhilerating roller coaster with breathtaking vistas you will ever encounter on two wheels.  When we get to the Andratx roundabout, there is just one more climb back up the mountain to my finca on the col. 

I have two routes depending on how fiesty I am feeling.  
The Coastal Classic is 61 kms long with 1700 meters of climbing.  Without stopping for coffee this one can be ridden in 2.5 hours. 

The Coastal Soller Epic is 119 kms with 2,781 meters of climbing.  Obviously the Soller Epic is great value and it can be ridden in 4.5 hours.

But there are just too many other rides and routes to list.  Tell me your abilities, goals & passion and I will adapt and take you there - I'm good for a hardcore hammerfest or a leisurely piano ride exploring the villages.  You choose the pace - I can adapt.   And I look forward to share with you the history of this remarkable island that I have called home for the last 45 years.

More ABout Hamish

I am the son of a Canadian diplomat, which exposed me to many cultures and languages.  My brothers and I grew up all over the place. I learned to make friends fast and settle in fast, because we were always on the move.  But I finally settled down to study and practice print journalism.  Then I sold my soul to write advertising copy.  Then I became a realtor which was my main gig for the past 24 years.  Cycling became a passion when my two daughters turned 10 and 13.  I figured they were grown up enough so I went riding lots. I  never worried about them and they turned out just stellar!   

My parents discovered Mallorca in the mid 70s where they found an ancient finca ruin.  A finca is a farmhouse.  This one was an Olive Press Finca abandoned 50 years earlier.  It was my father's retirement plan.  Fix it up and kiss Canadian winters goodbye.  Well Dad lived that dream and I am carrying on the tradition because Mallorca I discovered about 20 years ago has the best recreational and cycling terrain anywhere in the world.  So I am giving up the suburban treadmill to live more simply in rural Mallorca throughout the winter and spring, when Canada beckons me back for the summer.  

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