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Dénia, Kingdom of Spain

I live in London, however, during winter I am mainly based in Denia, Spain. I cycle around 25,000 - 27,000 km per year and you can have an idea of my typical ride from my Strava profile which is public. I love cycling and I took the decision to step out of the corporate world in 2011 (I used to work for Bloomberg) to have more time to do what I love. I have already guided, escorted groups of cyclists, and I am keen to do this more. I know the local area well after spending 3 years here, and I am fully fluent in Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, English. I can also communicate in Russian and have a decent command of Romanian and a basic command of Polish and Bulgarian.  

What should you expect from me? We can define together the ride, whether you wish to maximise your training or got for a leisurely one, or combine both, whether you prefer mainly flat, or up and down the mountains, everything is possible. If you fancy riding alone, or prefer to meet some of the local cyclists, this is also an option for you as well as stopping en route at one of the local restaurants or cafes out of the trourist track

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My Favorite Ride

I would say either the loop taking in Vall d'Ebo climb or the one taking in Coll de Rates, both are classics and extremely popular with the professional teams in winter.

Having said that, the beauty of this area is that there are so many different routes available that you can really customize what suits you best 

More ABout Duccio

For me cycling is a way of life and a daily practice. And it is a way to feel connected and in flow. It is a form of self development too and way to be more attuned with my body and emotions. And I would love to share this with you. Cycling is also a way to build friendship and one of the most frequent positive feedback I hear when I acocmpany visitors to this area is how much they enjoyed the interaction and camaderie with the local cyclists (here in Denia and in the region around it, there is a lot of passion for cycling with many locals and expats regularly going out together).

Last but not the least, let's be fair, who enjoyes cycling in the rain? I feel and consider myself truly blessed to be able to live in a part of Spain with 300 days of sun per year. Particularly if you live in the North of Europe of America, you will love winter here. 

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