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Penticton, Canada

I've been fortunate to ride in many parts of the world and on many disciplines of bikes. From the World's Most Dangerous Road in Bolivia to the Giro d'Italia Gran Fondo in Mexico, L'Eroica in Tuscany to the 24 hours of Adrenaline in Canada, the sense of adventure on two wheels always brings a smile to my face. Taking a minute to enjoy the view at the top of a monumental climb or a delicious cappuccino at the end make every ride in the saddle one with a story.

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Curtis : VeloGuide

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Joel G - February 06, 2018

I have actually hosted this tour as a "VeloGuide" a few times when Curtis was unavailable. I have also had the chance to participate as a "guest" in the food and bike tour that Curtis does in Bucerias every Wednesday. Curtis is super knowledgeable of all the stops and has a million stories. Non-stop entertainment and delicious food makes this one of my favourite rides that I have done. Thanks Curtis!

My Favorite Ride

One of my most memorable rides ever was L'Eroica in Italy. Riding through the rolling Tuscan hillside on the Strade Bianche on a Bianchi from the 70's, conquering the white roads and being rewarded with fresh foccaccia and legs of proscuitto. It's an event any cycling enthusiast must attend.  Being a fan of the classic bikes and cycling history, this was my most memorable experience.  Drop me a message if you'd like to join myself and a small part of the Spandex Panda Velo Club on this amazing journey. 

Top memorable rides would include the 5 day Jalisco / Nayarit Vuelta in Mexico, riding the World's Most Dangerous Road in Bolivia, Grand Fondo in Whistler, Canada & various stages of the Giro d'Italia with local clubs in Italy. 


More ABout Curtis

Adding a bit of STYLE to your next cycling adventure has been a main focus for me with the launch of the Spandex Panda Collection. Available online and at select cycling events, you can enjoy merino based cycling apparel made in Italy.  Designed to be as functional on the bike and as stylish off, you won't want to travel with anything else.  

With over a decade of experience in both the hospitality world and the cycling industry, I often combine both on a daily basis, sharing stories and samples from various adventures. My rides will either start or end with a delicious coffee and be full of opportunities to tell me about where your next dream ride will take you. 

I am currently spending my summer months in the Okanagan Valley in BC, Canada, head over to Tuscany, Italy for about a month to 6 weeks & than spend November to April in Bucerias, Mexico.  I look forward to going for a ride and sharing as much as hearing about what kind of bicycle adventures you've been on.



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Road, Gravel, MTB, Food & Fun
Road, Gravel, MTB, Food & Fun
Road, Gravel, MTB, Food & Fun
Road, Gravel, MTB, Food & Fun
Road, Gravel, MTB, Food & Fun
Road, Gravel, MTB, Food & Fun
Road, Gravel, MTB, Food & Fun