Meet Brian

Madison, United States of America

I love to be on my bike and would love to assist and/or ride with anyone who is looking to visit the Madison, WI and Chicago Area. I moved to Madison from the Chicago area because of the opportunity to ride my bike more for commuting. Being in Madison the options are so great that commuting is just a way to keep in shape for the weekend medium and short distance hilly adventures. I am open to riding/consulting on routes in and around the area or to accompany anyone looking to do long rides which may be point to point like to/from Madison, Milwaukee, Chicago, etc.

Typical Rides: -

  • Small Group rides
  • Adventure/Sightseeing Rides

Recent Cycling Accomplishments:

  • 2016 Ride Across Wisconsin
  • 2017 El Tour De Tucson, platinum time 
  • Numerous solo or group non-event century rides

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My Favorite Ride

My favorite ride is more of a type of ride.  Here in Madison we have so many great roads that lead to one another, it is hard to have one specific route.  But by far may favorite thing to do is to get up early in the long days of summer, just before the sun comes up and spend a few hours taking in the lakes, valleys, rolling hills, and farm scenery as the sun comes up:

Hills near the Wisconsin River
Valley west of Madison
Sunrise on Lake Monona, Madison, WI
Windmill sunrise west of Madison

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