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Watertown, United States of America

I grew up on the bike. Single speed with a coaster brake, but I loved it. Due to various factors, my love of two wheels took a 30-year break, and I had just gotten back into it some 3 years ago. Since then, I've added a hard-tail MTB, single speed, Quintana Roo Kilo, and Kona Esatto DDL to my growing stable, learned how to hold 25mph on the flat, how to manage a 14% climb without croaking in the first 500", and what truly makes a "no-drop" group. Benefiting from a great partnership with CrimsonBikes, our group (Cambridge Road Cyclists on facebook) holds 20+ mile rides every Saturday and Sunday (with coffee and waffles afterwards, of course!), and I have learned how to manage every riders expectations, what makes a good ride leader, what makes a good route, and how to keep every ride interesting (and the group together)

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My Favorite Ride

A ride with good people (and riders), that features both good climbs and extended flats, with some spectacular views.
And donuts. Gotta have after-ride donuts!

More ABout Al

Boston is an unusual cycling location. Not having great mountains within striking distance, we still have some very enjoyable climbs, but what truly sets us apart is the presence of everything. Ocean beach, Charles river, 11% and 14% climbs, and some rather picturesque views. And, some pretty good food. (I'm an avid foodie and a cook, and know so many phenomenal restaurants!)

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