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VeloGuide FAQs

How do I set the cost of a tour?

The cost of the tour is completely up to you. A general understanding of your city or area will give you a guideline to what others are charging for a tour. Remember, if you are adding a snack or beverage to include this in your price. If you are renting bikes from a bike shop, understand these costs, and use it to figure out a discount if your guest has their own bike. It will be up to the VeloGuide to rent the bike for the guest if they request one.

What are VeloGuide’s service fees?

VeloGuide will take 30% of the total tour cost, but this includes credit card fees, administration, and all the marketing costs.

When do I get paid?

Please review our TOU, but VeloGuide will pay each VeloGuide and Bike Shop weekly. Depending on what day the ride occured, you may have to wait up to seven (7) days for payment.

Who should I contact in the event of an emergency?

VeloGuides are required to carry a charged cell phone and be knowledgeable of the emergency numbers in their area. They are expected to know the routes and tours they are taking their guests on, and be able to relay location information to Emergency Services if required. VeloGuide should be notified of any incidents via our email address so we can take appropriate actions for issues that arise.

Where do I meet the guest?

You will be able to communicate with your guest as soon as the booking has been finalized. This is a good time to discuss ride options with the guest, bike fit concerns, and get to know their cycling abilities and what they are expecting out of the ride. If you need to rent a bike, a good place to hook up with your guest would be the bike shop or nearby coffeehouse, where pedals can be attached and bike fitted.

What is a VeloGuide Hub?

A Hub functions as a meeting place for guides to meet riders. A hub can be in a guides home, across the street from a guides home, a local coffeehouse or cafe, or can be a business of some sort that has multiple bikes to offer guides. Local bike shops will be a focus for us as future VeloGuide Hubs as the business model is perfectly aligned for mutual benefits.

What is expected of a VeloGuide?

  1. The primary objective as a cycling guide is the safety of your guests.

  2. All Guides are required to be First Aid and CPR certified, deliver pre-ride Safety Talks and Tips, constantly be aware of Guests’ riding habits and offer suggestions or warnings as necessary.

  3. The Guide is expected to fix, or aid, any bike maintenance issues during the ride and is therefore expected to have a working knowledge of bike mechanics and possible issues that could arise.

  4. All VeloGuides are expected to purchase and wear our high quality, VeloGuide branded, cycling kit, during each guided VeloGuide ride.

  5. All VeloGuides are expected to provide red rear bike flashers for all their guests on each ride. There are lots of options on the market, either at your local bike shop or an online business.

  6. We want our guests to have the best possible experience when on a VeloGuide tour. All guides must have skills to accommodate any and all guest personalities and genuinely want to get to know each guest. As a guide, you should work on having an engaging personality and be able to tell stories of the city or region you are cycling in. After all, it’s likely your home town!

  7. It is up to the VeloGuide to be able to read the cycling ability and physical fitness of their guest. While the app will work to set you up with riders of a certain ability, you will need to work with all types of riders should the need arise.

  8. Communicate how the tour will go with the guest. This should be included in your pre-ride safety talk. If the guest wants to ride harder, or is struggling physically, it is up to the VeloGuide to increase or decrease the pace.

  9. Remember, you are the guide, and you aren’t out on one of your training rides. Give your guest the most enjoyable experience you can, and they will want to ride with VeloGuide again!