Featured VeloGuide Of The Week | Paula | Daytona Beach, FL

  • Author: Laura Head
  • Published: Nov 12, 2018

Florida has some great riding and Paula is here to show you some of the best parts!

WHETHER YOU LOVE beautiful coastal scenery or rides that show the hidden treasures of old Florida, she has it all. There's also some great MTB trails in Central Florida so something for everyone.

Here's some local insight about Paula's favourite ride;
"The Ormond loop is a stunning 24 miles of canopy roads along side the river which can be extended if you are looking for more miles. You can finish the loop coming in along side the ocean which makes this one of my favorites. I'm super excited to share my local experience of the roads. Whether you're looking for a casual ride to check out the local coffee shops or maybe you want to go out and hunt down Strava segments, I'm your girl."

Christopher H - May 5, 2018
"WORLD CLASS work done by Paula! It was so nice to have her and Jason ride with visiting friends Sue and Ethan and myself. She was charming and rode like a pro! Not only did we have great ride but made new friends. Thanks to VeloGuide, well done!"

If you're in town don't waste any time, BOOK HERE to #RideLikeALocal with Paula!