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  • Published: Jun 06, 2018

University of California, Berkeley CARenowned as a hotbed of the Hippie movement of the 1960s, Berkeley, California is a longstanding and vibrant university town which continues to lead in student activism.  This is home to the University of California at Berkeley, the alma mater of the leader of the Yippie movement and Chicago 8 member, Abbie Hoffman.

But with numerous bike routes, cycling enthusiasts visiting Berkeley are spoiled for choice.  There’s something for everyone here, from the challenging to the meandering and pleasant.  The area around Berkeley is a road cyclist’s paradise.

Grizzly Peak Century

Since 1975, the cycling group Grizzly Peak Cyclists has hosted this challenging but highly rewarding event.  Featuring incredible gourmet food and stunning vistas, the Grizzly Peak Century event was held on Sunday, May 06, 2018.

Even if you’re not ready to rock and roll, the GPC hosts a series of 9 preparatory rides to whip intermediary participants into shape.  Choose from 4 different routes (all quite challenging), from 52 to 110 miles.  The 52-mile route was a new addition to the event and the Chairperson’s choice!

The Berkeley Hills Death Ride

Strictly for the hardcore cyclists among us (who may be quite a few of us), the Berkeley Hills Death Ride offers the cycling maniac grades of up to 25%.  Yes. You read that correctly.
You’ll climb up and down the five most precipitous streets in the Hills, but the reward is the beauty you’ll observe – more than sufficient compensation for your burning thighs.
But fear not.  There is also a “Mild Discomfort” version of this route, allowing those less prone to self-punishment a route covering much of the same mileage, with fewer of those wild hills.

Tunnel Road/Claremont Loop

For those of less intense inclinations, this route offers a less punishing terrain.  A 10-mile loop, starting in Berkeley, the Tunnel Road/Claremont Loop takes you to some truly stunning views of the bay and San Francisco. Coast downhill back to Berkeley, as you take in the woodlands, alive with mighty oaks.

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