Bike Touring with Kids. Which Bike for Which Age?

  • Author: VeloGuide
  • Published: May 15, 2018

Bike Touring with Kids. Which Bike for Which Age? 

Traveling with kids can be a challenge but add a bike and the difference is amazing.  Family touring with bike carrierKids love to move and with all that energy, bike touring with kids is an ideal adventure for your little rascals.

If you’re a dedicated cyclist, then you’re keen to have the kids share your passion, as they grow.  And there’s something for every age group to make that possible.  So, let’s look at a variety of solutions for families with younger members so everyone can enjoy their day on the trail.


Clearly, babies aren’t quite ready for their own two-wheeled mounts, but they can come along for the ride with a good quality bike trailer, purpose-built for the wee ones.

Some people worry about the vibrations of a trailer and what affect that might have on a developing child’s spine.  But there are models with exceptional suspension available.  The Thule Cougar Chariot 1 is an excellent example of what we’re talking about.

With superior suspension and a very comfortable seat, this is perfect for babies as young as 8 weeks old, for short rides.  As your child grows, this is a great way to introduce that young, curious mind to the joys of freewheeling it.


If there’s one inevitability about children it’s that they grow quickly.  When that moment comes for baby and the toddler stage has kicked in, you’re ready to elevate your tyke to a bike mounted carrier.

And because toddlers still love to nap, bring the trailer along behind one parent’s bike, while the other parent enjoys having the company of a diminutive co-pilot.  This is also a great solution for inclement weather, which the toddler set is known to object strenuously to.


At about age 4, your child should be well accustomed to the family passion and able to ride with you, on a tandem bike.  For this age group, the Circe Cycles Morpheus recumbent tandem is a great choice. 

With a kiddy crank to help your growing cycling enthusiast reach the peddles, your young one gets a front row seat to the adventure.  This solution also allows for the fun of interaction and talking about the sights you’re seeing.

A Rewarding Experience

The family that engages in activities like cycling together grows a completely different type of relationship than other families.  Rooted in mutual enjoyment, the children of cyclists gain an appreciation of travel and adventure and an opportunity to know their parents in a revelatory and healthy way.

And once your baby’s feet can reach the pedals of a touring bike, the adventure continues, as you ride into a future of family fun that cycling aficionados know is unbeatable.


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