Tips on Planning Your Big Cycling Trip

  • Author: VeloGuide
  • Published: Jan 10, 2018

A big cycling trip takes a lot of planning and forethought.  You don’t just need to think about all the nuts and bolts you’ll need to equip your backpack and Girona, Spainsaddlebags with, you need to have a strong plan about where you want to go and what you want to see.

Being specific and not just “winging it” makes it easier than you’d think.  But spending the time needed to plan and understand the challenges of your routes adds to the work involved.

Going somewhere you’ve never been before?

Once you’ve got your packing checklist and list of sights to see and places to go sewn up, there are contingencies which need to be addressed.

That’s especially true for those of you planning a big cycling trip to a place you’ve never laid eyes on before.  There are contingencies which will crop up wherever you may roam, but issues concerning road quality, seasonal considerations, safety advisories that are incomplete, or not up-to-date and other details, can derail your most arduous planning rituals.

And that’s when VeloGuide rides to the rescue!

We have more than a few tips on planning your big cycling trip, but the most important is to know what we bring to your cycling party.

Veloguide is something new for passionate cyclists.  As committed cyclists ourselves, we saw a gap in the tourism planning market, so we’re filling it with a service that brings you everything you need for that grand cycling adventure you’ve been dreaming of.

Ride with VeloGuide.

VeloGuide is an on-demand ride and guide service that organizes everything you need when visiting destinations all over the world.  As we become the Local VeloGuides in Girona, Spain areaname on every cyclist’s lips, our list of destinations grows and so does our list of cycling guides.

At VeloGuide, we partner with the best, attracting everyone from amateur enthusiasts, to professionals, to former Olympians to guide your rides, all over the world.

Leave your ride at home, because we’ll organize that for you too.  We’ll set you up with everything you need for a superior ride, with a guide who will show you aspects of your destination with insider knowledge and cycling aficionado skill.

We’ve got our own app that hooks you up with outstanding local cycling guides and first-rate equipment. 

Join the growing VeloGuide community.

The passionate cyclists at VeloGuide jumped in with both wheels in Spring 2017.  Since then, our list of destinations has grown to 30 cities all over world.  You’ll find VeloGuide in North and South America, Europe and Australia, but stayed tuned.  We’re adding new cities and new guides continually, which means new horizons for you.

We admit it.  We wrote these tips on planning your big cycling trip because we’re excited to let cyclists everywhere know about Veloguide.  We’re forging a whole new way of seeing the world on two wheels, with insider knowledge that lets you make the most of your ride.

Ready to go?  All you need to do is sign up to join the VeloGuide global cycling revolution!