Six Steps to Your First Bikepacking Trip

  • Author: VeloGuide
  • Published: May 04, 2018

Everyone is busy these days, but when you’re a newly-minted cycling fanatic, you find the time you need to ride.

Bikepacking in Europe

And this is the year you’re taking your bike farther afield. You’re going on your first weekend cycling trip. You can’t wait. But while you’re waiting, you might enjoy these six steps to your first bikepacking trip.

Step 1

You’re not just going for a spin around the park, this time. You’re off on an adventure for a couple of days and nights and that means taking the right gear. Don’t forget to check the 10-day forecast before setting off for the weekend. You’ll need to make sure that your kit includes gear that matches the weather.

Along with all your usual accoutrements (water bottles, repair kit, night light, helmet, lock), you’ll need to decide whether you’re going to camp and if so, you’ll need to be prepared with panniers/saddle bags and packs which are up to the challenge.

Step 2

Planning the route to where you’re going to be spending your first night and the night or nights after that should be carefully considered. Is the terrain flat or hilly? What are the amenities along the route (food, etc.)?

And how will you know where the best trails in your destination are? VeloGuide can cover that for you. Should you find yourself near Canmore, Alberta, Canada this summer, our VeloGuide Ryan is a fabulous resource for all your bikepacking questions. A PMBI certified mountain biking instructor with a Red Cross Wilderness First Aid Certification, he has spent many nights bikepacking year round.
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Step 3

As we’ve mentioned above, knowing where you’re going to sleep determines the type of gear you’ll need to ride with. If you’re not quite ready for packing your accommodations along with you, do a thorough investigation of available accommodations at your destination. There are so many options these days, from home swaps to AirBnB to B & Bs to luxury resorts. Or find a friend willing to pack gear for you and your group in a truck or SUV.

Step 4

Now all you need is a posse. Get your cycling buddies together to plan the trip. Instead of choosing a destination on your own, draw straws or have a coin toss. Part of the fun is that everyone can offer input. Your friends might have some key intel on great cycling that’s a fit for your first bikepacking trip.

Step 5

Don’t forget that the whole point of this trip is to be on your bike, so take it in for a tune up, to make sure it’s going to get you where you’re planning to go. Check that you have all the necessary equipment and that everything’s working as it should. Batteries? Phone charged? GPS? Be prepared and have a fun, safe weekend cycling trip.

Step 6

If you’re reading this, you’re a cycling enthusiast whose love of the two-wheeled life is growing every day. You’re not alone. Cyclists are everywhere. That’s why VeloGuide has created the first on-demand ride and guide service – for cyclists like you. Make that first bikepacking trip even better. Join us.

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