Planting the Seeds of a Bountiful Bike Adventure in 2018

  • Author: VeloGuide
  • Published: Jan 15, 2018

What’s better than a bountiful bike adventure?  We can’t think of anything!  Getting out there on two wheels and exploring the world is what cyclists live for.  The rush of the wind, the whir of the wheels and the sense that wherever you’re going, it’s going to be unforgettable, is what we crave.

Planting the seeds of a bountiful bike adventure in 2018 is as easy as getting to know the on-demand “ride and guide” sharing an app that’s sweeping the world of cycling – VeloGuide.

We help you plant all the right seeds to make sure your 2018 bike adventure is all that and a side of awesome.  We make seeing the world on two wheels easy, by providing everything you need to get your ride on, wherever you want to go.

An app whose time has come.

Since we started in Spring 2017, VeloGuide’s name has grown and so has our roster of destinations.  We have guides and hubs in 30 cities around the world now, from North and South America to Australia, to the great cycling routes of Europe.

And every day, as cycling enthusiasts get to know us, we’re growing our footprint.  That means broader horizons for cyclists like you.

What Uber and Airbnb did for the ride and home sharing, we’re doing for cycling, with an app that makes it easy to book quality rides with amazing guides and professional-level equipment, while you’re out there seeing the world.

Ride with a local guide.

Wherever you ride with VeloGuide, you’ll have access to cycling aficionados acting as your guides.  They’re locals who know the cycling routes in your destination inside-out, so they’ll show you a different side of faraway places – the cyclists’ perspective.

From passionate, engaged amateurs to professionals, to former Olympians, our lineup includes such notable names as Bobby Julic, Matt Buscho, and Chris Butler.  Imagine seeing the world as a cyclist you admire!

Our guides come with much more, though.

Leave your ride at home.

With VeloGuide, you have access to exceptional quality rides and equipment, too.  Our guides and cycle rental associates are your sources for top-notch wheels that make your ride a premium experience.  We partner with people in all our destination cities to ensure you’ve got everything you need for a bountiful bike adventure.

And all you need to do is sign up to take advantage of the window on the world Veloguide opens to the avid cyclist.  That’s the start of planting the seeds of a bountiful bike adventure in 2018.

The world at your pedals.

When you’re born to ride, you can’t imagine a life without those two wheels beneath you, as often as possible.  That’s why we’ve created VeloGuide – to serve the needs of passionate cyclists like us with on-demand, guided cycling adventures that place the world at your pedals.

Don’t see your destination at our site?  Fear not!  VeloGuide adds new destinations regularly. 

Sign up and join the growing, global community of cyclists, seeing the world with the passionate cyclists at VeloGuide.