Phil vs Fabian Race Highlights

  • Author: VeloGuide
  • Published: Jul 05, 2018

Fabian & Phil in SwitzerlandOn Sunday July 1, 2018 in Aigle, Switzerland we saw the head-to-head matchup of two retired pro cyclists riding in a showdown that started on Twitter and ended on the Col du Pillon.

There is a backstory–Phil Gaimon and Fabian Cancellara have traded words ever since Gaimon accused Cancellara of mechanical doping in Phil's book. This accusation, which was never proven, escalated on Twitter until Cancellara challenged Gaimon to beat him in a fondo.

Well, the day finally arrived for this to be settled in the Chasing Cancellara Gran Fondo in Cancellara’s home country of Switzerland.

Against the backdrop of the beautiful Swiss Alps, that Gaimon described as “a beautiful course…[with] cows wearing bells and wonderful scenery”, the showdown finally took place.

The battle on the Col du Pillon was hard fought. Cancellara stayed on Gaimon’s wheel for much of it, but when the gradient turned up a notch, so did Gaimon, who ultimately won.

Gaimon arrived at the top of the Col du Pillon a couple of minutes before Cancellara, but Cancellara didn’t seem too disappointed by the showing.

Cancellara enjoyed one of Phil’s signature cookies at the top, as they recounted the battle on the hill climb.  CEO and Founder of VeloGuide, Joel Goralski, spoke with Cancellara after the climb, and he was cheerful and positive "It is about building bridges. He is Phil and I am Fabian" It all came down to the love of riding a bike and doing something for charity.

The real winners of the day were the fans and the good people at No Kids Hungry, as the event raised over $20,000 for this great cause.

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