VeloGuide to Sponsor Phil Gaimon face off against Fabian Cancellara

  • Author: VeloGuide
  • Published: Jun 12, 2018

Up until a few months ago, there was quite a bit of banter betweenFabian and Phil former professional cyclist-turned YouTuber Phil Gaimon and multiple time trial World Champion Fabian Cancellara. Threats of lawsuits, Phil going into hiding and depression…geez...honestly, we were worried for him. Now, who would have thought that it would actually come to this?

The pair will go head to head at one of Cancellara's 'Chasing Cancellara' events on Sunday 1st July in Aigle, Switzerland. There they will be racing up the Col du Pillon Swiss Alps. The race portion will take on 6.9km of uphill road averaging 5.2% in gradient. VeloGuide is proud to sponsor Phil in support of Chefs Cycle to raise money for No Kid Hungry.

The race between the two now-retired professionals came to be after the release of Gaimon's book Draft Animals and some commentary around the rumor that Cancellara perhaps motor-doped. While Fabian seemed to be a bit perturbed at first, it is good to see that they are now going to settle it in a more gentlemanly way.

Phil will be there with his cameraman in tow and will be documenting the lead up to the event, the race and of course the aftermath! Our favourite YouTuber will be publishing this entertaining story in three series on his channel. VeloGuide is paying the cost and you can help by donating to NO KID HUNGRY. It is an amazing cause and a few bucks goes a long way to keep food in the bellies of kids who would otherwise be going hungry and living a life of malnutrition.


Traveling to LA? You can ride with Phil!