Is Mexico too dangerous for cycling?

  • Author: VeloGuide
  • Published: Nov 16, 2017

Mexico Bike Tour

These days, when the subject of Mexico comes up, many people pull a face, asking, “Isn’t it kind of dangerous there?”.

We hear that a lot, at VeloGuide.

But everything in the world isn’t a sensationalistic headline, brimming with gloom, doom, and mayhem.  Mexico is, for the most part, a vibrant nation full of hardworking, friendly people who welcome visitors with open arms.

As for cycling, we’ve been riding around Mexico happily for quite some time, so we’re here to tell you the whole truth about this beautiful country – particularly when it comes to exploring it on two wheels.

Considerate motorists.

For many cyclists, those two words sound like a bit of an oxymoron.  Anyone who lives on two wheels will have encountered their share of four-wheeled road rage – just because they were there.

Mexico’s motorists are a little different.  They are, in fact, very considerate of cyclists.  On our travels, we’ve enjoyed little in the way of danger from car drivers - a stark contrast to what many cyclists negotiating the roads north of us experience.

The greatest danger.

Anyone who has driven a car or ridden a bike in Mexico knows of this country’s greatest danger.  These menaces of the road lurk where they’re least expected, so awareness of their stealthy presence is your first line of defense.

Beware of the dreaded topes

The tope is not a distant relative of the fearsome Chupacabra.  It is not an animal at all.  The tope is a speed bump.

Sometimes installed by government authorities and sometimes improvised by local people hoping to discourage cargo trucks from speeding through their calm villages, they can appear out of nowhere.  They’re not always immediately visible.

The tope, then, is the most dangerous threat you will experience in Mexico. 

Yes.  A speed bump.

The standard cycling precautions.

The truth is that cycling in Mexico is not unlike cycling anywhere else in the world.  Your spider senses must be brought along for the ride.  That means understanding that all the same precautions you take at home should be taken in Mexico.

It’s easy to get on a bicycle with your tourist goggles on, believing you’re somehow invincible.  That’s not smart whether you’re on the bus, walking, driving, or riding a bike.  You’re just as safe and just as vulnerable as you are anywhere else.

Riding on the highway, which often won’t have the requisite shoulder for cyclists, is not only not particularly enjoyable, it can be dangerous.  Riding at night can be similarly challenging.  But isn’t that true of just about any place on earth you’d care to name?

That’s our experience, anyway.

Ride with the VeloGuide family.

At VeloGuide, we love to live on two wheels.  We’re all for the ride. 

With routes ranging in distance from 50 - 100 kilometers for riders of all skill and experience levels, we’ll show you a side of Mexico you’ll never forget.

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