Lawson Craddock - an example of determination

  • Author: VeloGuide
  • Published: Jul 26, 2018

first stage, post crashThe Tour de France is one of the hardest sport events celebrated year after year. And year after year it leaves us some remarkable human stories that express the majesty of those who practice it.

One of these remarkable stories is the one about Lawson Craddock, 26 years old, from Texas.

Craddock had a hard crash on the very first stage of the Tour. As a result, he fractured his scapula and has a big cut on his left eye socket. With a bloodied face and a torn kit, and against any recommendation, he was able to finish that day, and not only that, this determined cyclist has finished 16 stages since.

One of his biggest motivators that kept him going was raising funds for Alkek Velodrome, where he raced when he was younger. After the crash, Crawson decided to give $100 to the Greater Houston Cycling Foundation for each stage that he finished and he started a GoFundMe in support of the Greater Houston Cycling Foundation which, as of Wednesday, has raised more than $133,000.

‘We’ve been able to take this pretty big negative, a potentially race-ending crash for me, and turn it into this huge positive of raising money for the the Alkek Velodrome in Houston’. Says Lawson.
‘Just knowing that I was doing it for a good cause, I was suffering for a good reason and bringing awareness to the velodrome, that was by far the biggest motivator for me, and the biggest thing keeping me in the race. And it continues to keep me in the race’, he adds.

Although he is still in the last position in the general classification Lawson has been riding better and better through the pain, even on brutal terrain like the Roubaix cobblestones of Stage 9, and three straight days of steep Alpine mountain climbs in the Alps. His fracture is stable and secure, and the pain has been getting less every day. He has been doing a lot of rehab, specially stretching his muscles around his shoulder which are particularly suffering due to the fact that he has been compensating differently on the bike.

He says that ever since the crash in the Tour, he was just kind of participating in it. But in the last stages, specially before stage 9 he slowly got back in a competitive mentality again, ‘The work we’ve done on the shoulder has been really encouraging, now it’s time to get into the mentality of racing the Tour de France.’

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