Greenville, South Carolina has numerous cycling options for all skill levels

  • Author: VeloGuide
  • Published: Apr 19, 2018

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – Greenville, South Carolina has numerous cycling options for all skill levels. Anyone who enjoysCycling in South Carolina cycling can find their perfect ride in Greenville. Its naturally beautiful setting makes it a cyclist’s dream.

VeloGuide’s own George Hincapie is one of our local guides and a retired professional cyclist who has taken on the Tour de France no fewer than 17 times. George’s racing team is one of many in Greenville County. But more about George in a moment.

Let’s explore what Greenville, South Carolina has to offer lovers of the two-wheeled life.

Rails to Trails – Greenville Leads

Upstate South Carolina has taken the lead in this southeastern initiative which is using old rail lines to guide the creation of recreational trails in the region.

Part of that effort is the Swamp Rabbit Trail, featuring 14 miles of super flat and car-free cycling enjoyment. On this trail, cyclists can travel from Greenville all the way to Travelers Rest. The SRT is part of the City’s intensive effort to create one of the most bike-friendly cities in the USA.

Bicycle Masterplan

In 2011, City of Greenville staff unveiled a Bicycle Master Plan, revealing plans to extend the area’s cycling routes. City buses now come equipped with bike racks and 8 bike-share stations are in place, offering free bicycles to visitors and residents alike.

Greenville’s ongoing work to encourage cycling and create more opportunities to enjoy it are to be commended, as it’s creating numerous cycling options for riders of all skill levels.

Partnering with a Pro

George Hincapie

In 2014, the Cliff Communities formed a partnership with George Hincapie. As owner of the luxury boutique property, the Hotel Domestique in Travelers Rest, George is a key resource in the local cycling community, hosting annual rides for visiting cyclists (in addition to his stellar work with Veloguide).

George now acts as Director of Cycling for the Cliffs Master Planned communities. In his role, he promotes cycling in Greenville and Travelers Rest as superior destinations in a region of excellent riding opportunities.

Award-winning Cycling

The American League of Cyclists (ALC) has awarded Greenville with the Bronze Medal for cycle-friendly city for several years in a row. This positions Greenville as a perfect destination for tourists who want to see the region from the seat of their bikes.

The ALC recognizes that Greenville, South Carolina has numerous cycling options for all skill levels and that the city has contributed enormously to the promotion of the two-wheeled life by making it safer and more accessible to residents and visitors alike.

Go with VeloGuide

Greenville, South Carolina has earned its place as one of the Southeastern USA’s most bicycle conscious cities. That makes it a perfect choice for cyclists of all skill and experience levels.

With George, Christian and our other local VeloGuides in the region, visitors are sure to find the ideal ride to suit their expectations and an overwhelmingly positive experience of cycling in Greenville.

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