Bike Tours and Cycling Vacations in Asheville, North Carolina, USA

  • Author: VeloGuide
  • Published: Mar 06, 2018

Asheville, NCWith hundreds of miles of cycling paths, bike tours and cycling vacations in Asheville, North Carolina, USA promise an extraordinary experience for the avid cyclist.

But that’s not all Asheville, NC has to offer people who love the two-wheeled life.  Numerous competitive events are also staged here.  From the colorfully named Hilly Hellacious Hundred, to the Blue Ridge Brutal, Asheville is something of a cyclists paradise.   And with VeloGuide, it’s easy to get to know the area better the way you like best – on two wheels.

Relatively unscathed by the Civil War, Asheville was eventually drawn in and the Battle of Asheville took place in early April, 1865.  The largest private home in the USA, the Biltmore Estate now draws over 1 million visitors every year. At over 170,000 square feet, it’s a potent reminder of the Gilded Age and its excesses.

But beyond the city limits, adventure awaits!

The Blue Ridge Parkway

With elevations which soar from a modest 600 feet to a dizzying 6,000 feet, the Blue Ridge Parkway offers a singular experience.   Depending on your level, there are a variety of ways to take on this epic cycling region, which offers 469 miles of unparalleled natural beauty.

Following the formidable crest of the Southern Appalachian mountains, cyclists will take in the material charms of two national parks – Shenandoah and Great Smoky Mountains.  15 million visits a year attest to the majesty of this area.

Ride to the Mt. Pisgah overlook and know the meaning of the word “wonder”.

Elk Mountain Scenic Highway

While the Blue Ridge Parkway offers something for cyclists of all levels, the Elk Mountain Scenic Highway is not to be taken lightly.  It’s a monster.

The keyword here is “climbing”, as it’s uphill for most of its 60 miles.  This is a magnificent way to see the Blue Ridge Mountains laid out before you in all their glory.  A fitting reward for a hard day’s ride!

The truly stout-hearted can continue up the Blue Ridge Parkway, as Elk Mountain meets it.  Continue your ride to Mount Mitchell, the most precipitous peak east of the mighty Mississippi.

Your expert guide

Randy is a VeloGuide who brings you high level experience.  A former Masters National Champion, Randy is also a USA Cycling Level 1 coach, who has been coaching cyclists since 1987.

Randy’s a veteran of Asheville’s cycling culture, having ridden in it since 2008.  That was helpful for this cycling aficionado when he relocated to the area in 2013.

Randy believes that cycling is for everyone.  He accommodates riders of all levels, ensuring that you’ll have the time of your life.  With his experience and expertise, he brings bike tours and cycling vacations in Asheville, North Carolina, USA, a professional edge that makes your adventure a seamless pleasure.

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