Bike Tours and Cycling Vacations in Boynton Beach, Florida, USA

  • Author: VeloGuide
  • Published: Mar 16, 2018

Known as the Gateway to the Gulfstream, Boynton Beach, Florida is a beautiful coastal city located in Palm Beach County.  Boynton Beach, FLScuba divers will find plenty of action here, including a chance to swim with the Goliath fishes that populate the waters offshore.  Part of the Palm Beaches area, Boynton Beach is a peaceful enclave, brimming with natural beauty.

This small city is home to beautiful parks, unforgettable beaches and of course, plenty to attract cycling enthusiasts who are looking to take the scenic route.

With little in the way of hilly terrain, cycling in this part of Florida was tailor-made for those who love to be on a bike, but prefer the leisure aspects over the challenge some of us do!

Cypress Creek Greenway

The Cypress Creek Greenway was intentionally created to provide a recreational area in a natural setting for hikers and bikers.  7 miles long and flat as a board, this unique trail takes you on a journey from the Everglades to the ocean you won’t soon forget.

Plans are in the works to improve this beginner level cycling route and make it even better.

Bluegill Trail

For nature lovers, this the only ride you’ll need.  5.4 miles in length, Bluegill takes you through four conservation areas, replete with visitors’ centers for those serious about understanding the singular natural environment in this part of Florida.

Here’s where you’ll encounter Sandhill Cranes, grasslands and the flora and fauna of a conserved slough environment.

Robbins Vista View Trail

This 9-mile, a paved ride has something for everyone, from local history to flamingos, parks and a nature area.  Here, you can visit the Robbins Lodge and Preserve, sited on 160 acres which include equestrian trails and other attractions.

Stop off at the Flamingo Gardens and experience a unique botanical garden, filled with exotic plants from all over the world.  Meet the famed flamingos of Florida and some of their fellow birds and some of the local reptiles, too.

Your guide, Jennifer

The local cycling enthusiast, Jennifer, knows where to find the right beach burger at the end of a good day’s riding.  She’s intimately acquainted with the area, promising you a pleasant visit to Boynton Beach, as you see the region’s cycling trails and roads from the seat of a bike.

As a lifetime cyclist, Jennifer can’t spend enough time in the saddle.  She’s not afraid to switch it up, either, with a love for endurance mountain biking that matches her enthusiasm for cyclocross.  As a bike tourist herself, she wants to show you the best of the region.

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