The Good Life: Bike Touring in Thailand

  • Author: VeloGuide
  • Published: Feb 23, 2018

Thailand is a nation of well-paved roads, great food and Buddhist monasteries that welcome itinerate wanderers, whether on two wheels, or arriving by pick up truck to sell their wares town to town.Chiang Mai, Thailand

While you won’t find many tourist information depots along the way, Thailand’s unique answer to that is police boxes.  These are the Thailand cycling tourist’s best friend. 

Air-conditioned to a frigid turn, you’ll find true welcome at these oases.  Visitors are offered snacks and free wi-fi and the toilets are as clean as a whistle.

At least in this exotic nation, law enforcement has terrific PR!

The easiest place on earth

Bike touring in Thailand is beyond easy.  It’s a dream.  With incredibly well-paved roads everywhere, you’ll find the going as smooth as silk and usually, quite flat. 

As for shelter, there’s little problem.  The Buddhist monks welcome visitors and are only too happy to offer shelter for the night.  Temples dot the landscape, welcoming roving vendors and touring cyclists alike.

The downside?  You’re awakened at 4 am by the prayer bell.  But that’s not a problem for the hardy cyclist, who knows that the best riding is to be had in the early hours of the morning, before the sun becomes unbearably hot (which it does, at about noon).

Eats to die for

Foodie cyclists needn’t be told about Thai food, redolent of lemon grass, the bite of lime and the rich perfume of coconut.

What they may not know is that it’s available in abundance in the land of its birth and for a song, at that.  A buck buys you a hearty plate of stir fried rice and vegetables or noodles.  3 bucks buys you a meal fit for royalty, brimming with seafood, in the form of coconut curry.

Every market is loaded with food stalls, where you can fuel up for next to nothing and culinary delights are around every bend of the road.

Your local expert

If you’re planning a cycling adventure in Thailand, then you need to know about Chiang Mai.  The city has become a hotbed of cycling culture over the past few years and now offers two-wheeled adventurers the added benefit of a VeloGuide local expert.

With great rides and a predominantly favorable climate, Chiang Mai is home to VeloGuide insider, Sung.  With years of racing under his belt and an intimate knowledge of local routes, he brings your Thailand touring experience local expertise that leads the way to an adventure you’ll never forget.

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