The Best Destinations for your First Bike Tour Abroad

  • Author: VeloGuide
  • Published: Jun 27, 2018

There’s a first time for everything and when you’re a newly-minted cycling enthusiast, the first bike tour is an exciting prospect.

Allesandro and guest in Gavi, Italy

You know you want to go.  But where?

In a world of possibilities made more accessible by the wonders of international travel, there’s a lot to choose from.  Here are some destination ideas for your first bike tour abroad to make the decision a little easier to make.

Thailand and Southeast Asia

An exotic and beautiful choice, Thailand is a cyclist’s paradise. If you’re a foody, you’ll marvel at the culinary treats on offer in this part of the world.  Stay in a charming guest house and eat your way through markets and restaurants frequented by our local VeloGuides.

Friendly, welcoming guides are a huge plus when choosing Thailand, Viet Nam, Cambodia, Malaysia and Southeast Asia for your first bike tour, and you’ll also find the terrain hospitable.  Did we mention the amazing beaches?


For all travelling cyclists, Mexico a great choice. Sure, you’ve heard stories about Mexico being a dangerous place. But how about the millions of people who come and go to Mexico from nations all over the world and return home each day with good stories about their Mexican holiday?

With a cyclist-friendly infrastructure, incredible food that’s also inexpensive and local VeloGuides who welcome you with open arms, Mexico is an excellent choice for a first bike tour.

The Balkans

While Western Europe may be closer to get to, the Balkans offer a similar European experience of cultural interest, culinary adventure and cycling pleasure, for those who want a taste of this region.

Along with well known destinations like Greece...Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro are well off the tourist track, so you’re bound to discover a whole new world with our local VeloGuides in this region. 

Western Europe

Experience the thrill of cycling in some of Europe’s most beautiful gems.  At the top of the list for cyclists is France, with Italy, Spain, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands hot on its heels. We have a growing roster of VeloGuides in Western Europe including the UK, Portugal and Belguim–to name a few!

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