A Better Bike Mount for Your Smartphone?

  • Author: VeloGuide
  • Published: May 11, 2018

Your smartphone is a crucial life support that you’d be lost without. You’re not alone.

Bike Mount for mobile

And cyclists are certainly no strangers to the cult of the mobile device. That’s why bike mounts were invented–so you could take your phone wherever you rode.

It’s your lifeline to GPS and other information like weather, while you’re out there on the road.  You’d be lost without it, so a capable and dependable bike mount is a must.

But do you need a better bike mount for your smartphone? This may be the right time to upgrade your bike mount, as 2018 has some excellent offerings that will keep your smartphone safe and doing its job.

Let’s review the best on the market.

Rokform Handlebar Mount

Durable as you need it to be, this mount is equipped with a sturdy mount mechanism and case.  There are several models for various phones, but a universal model is also available.

Good for bumpy surfaces, this mount won’t budge.  Our only caveat is the fact that there’s no screen covering, which doesn’t work for those of you who brave inclement weather to get out there and ride. rokform.com

Biologic Mount

Accommodating both iPhones and Androids and made of hard plastic, this mount is intended for use on the handlebars, making applications like GPS accessible.  There’s also a membrane which allows user access, while keeping your phone safe from weather conditions. Biologic

Topeak iPhone 6 Ridecase

One of the top manufacturers of bike mounts for smartphones, Topeak has outdone itself with this one.

Adaptable as a typical phone case when you’re not riding, the Ridecase has a flipstand.  Conveniently adjustable, this mount case displays in either portrait or landscape orientations.  Made of high quality, sturdy plastic, your phone is secure with Topeak’s Ridecase. Topeak

Topeak Ridecase Waterproof

This one’s for all-weather road warriors, as it’s reliably waterproof, so when you just can’t wait to get out in the driving rain, your phone won’t be threatened by so much as a whisper of moisture.  It may be purchased as an upgrade.

The waterproof membrane allows you to use your phone while riding. Perfect for the die-hard cyclist, but you’ll need a mount to go with it. Topeak

Quad Lock iPhone mount

Quad Lock is new to the market, but they claim that this system is one of the hardest wearing you’ll find.  It’s also incredibly lightweight and allows for portrait or landscape use of your device.

It comes with a standard mount, but you can also spring for 'Out Front Mount' design if that’s your preference. Quad Lock


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