Best places to cycle around the world

  • Author: VeloGuide
  • Published: Nov 27, 2017

Bike Around The World

Cyclists, it may be safely said, are a breed apart.  We’re compelled to get on our bikes and explore in all kinds of weather, in all kinds of places.

Because we love the two-wheeled life, we’re sharing the best places to cycle around the world.  This is a bucket list for those of you who live to ride.

Italy – espresso in the Dolomites.

Rising in rugged, pink glory to heights of more than 2,000 meters, the Dolomites offer cyclists spectacular rides in northern Italy.  Visit the largest Alpine meadow in the country here, stopping along the way for Italy’s famed espresso and maybe a steaming bowl of pasta for fortification.

You’ll also find the Via Claudia bike path in the Dolomites, which leads you further south, to Trento.

Iran – alone on the road, from Shiraz to Yazd.

Despite its reputation as a political hotbed, Iran offers cyclists an incredible experience that can’t be duplicated anywhere else.  Despite what you may have heard, the people here make riding in Iran something special.  You’ll be welcomed into people’s homes, just because you’re riding by!

Thrill to numerous archeological sites, mountains, and deserts.  Because Iran is so seldom visited by tourists, you’ll be scrambling over the ruins left by the ancient Romans mostly on your own.

Cambodia – meandering along the Mekong.

Leave the bustle of Phnom Penh for the rural environs of the Mekong River and be richly rewarded.  Along dirt roads, you’ll see the lives of the people as they really are, as you share space with pigs and chickens and children waving, as you pass.

During the rainy season, add the delight of numerous ferries to take you safely across flooded areas.  With few tourists in the region, you’ll discover a side of Cambodia rarely seen.

From Canada to Mexico – the Pacific Coast Highway.

This epic journey begins in the port of Vancouver, continuing down the Pacific Coast, with the vast Pacific Ocean at your feet.  2,750 kilometers take you through magnificent forests and cyclist-friendly cities like San Francisco.  This route offers cycling enthusiasts endless fascination.

Be prepared for the wet weather in the Pacific Northwest, but remember – the scenery along the way will make up for it!

Once upon a time in Mexico.

If you’ve made it to Mexico, so why not keep going?  Mexico is one of the most beautiful cycling destinations in the world and not to be missed is the beautiful state of Jalisco, on the Pacific Coast.

Known as Mexico’s most characteristic region, this is the birthplace of mariachi music and tequila.  Join us at VeloGuide to enjoy rides that take you through some of Jalisco and neighboring Nayarit’s most stunning scenic offerings.

At VeloGuide, we’re all about the ride.  Come be part of our cycling family, enjoying the very best of what Mexico has to offer, with rides from 50 to 100 kilometers.  Here, we accommodate all skill and experience levels, so everyone can enjoy the beauty of this gorgeous corner of Mexico.

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